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NADA NY: Rob Rhee solo presentation

550 Washington st. NY NY 

550 Washington st. NY NY 

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JAG projects

Rob Rhee: Occupations of Uninhabited Space, At NADA NY 2018 Booth 4.21
Thursday March 8th- Sunday March 11th
Skylight Clarkson Sq.
550 Washington St. NY NY 10014

JAG projects present Rob Rhee: Occupations of Uninhabited Space, steel wire forms are improvised in the studio and then sent to farms across the country where they are installed in gourd fields, setting in motion a year-long process of chance. As the gourds grow and push through the metal restraints they bubble past their bound restraints. When ripe and ready for picking they emerge as mutated results of outward natural growth and unnatural cold restraint

Their collective title,  Occupations of Uninhabited Space, is borrowed from a fictional collection of sculptures described in the novel The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. Rhee’s sculptures by the same name manifest the occupation, a call and response between the gourd’s phenotype and Rhee’s reinterpretation of it via the steel sculpture.


JAG projects also presents Poetry by Lindsay Beebe with accompaniment by Nathan Whipple at NADA Friday March 9th at 5:30 pm in NADA Presents

- Lindsay Beebe is an artist, writer and performer, whose work frames violence, humor, sex and politics within her own unique post-hippy, post-punk outlook. Beebe’s poems embody the legacy of a particular American underground sensibility.  
Nathan Whipple will provide keyboard accompaniment. Whipple is an accomplished musician based in NY, most notably recognized for his involvement in the art-band: Haribo.